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Khmer Unicode for Mac (Macintosh) ខែ​ឧសភា 25, 2009

Posted by Captain Cambodia in IT.
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These days, It is easy to get Khmer Unicode for Windows OS. Just search in Google it, you will find it one for free. But for Mac, it is so hard to get one. As you can see Mac OS and Windows OS are completely two different Operating System. You can’t run Windows software on Mac. Few months back, i have a problem to find Khmer Unicode for my Mac. Because not so many people use Mac. Later on I’ve found out there is software name Xenotype which allow the user to use Khmer Unicode for Mac. But it’s not free to download. You have to pay for 49$ to get it. I know many people in this cyber world, want something for free. I don’t mind for poeple who are using Windows OS to download a piracy software. (hehe) But, Those who using Mac, (My god, you have money to buy Mac, why can’t you have money to buy this 49$ software?)

Anyway, enough of this. Here is the link for Xenotype.

Note: This Xenotype is for Mac OS only.

អរគុណ​ <– using Xenotype to type in Khmer